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Canal Loft Amsterdam

Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, this sophisticated canal loft is designed to create an elegant, contemporary feel. From a complete ‘white box’ to a loft with antique wooden roof-top details and a fantastic terrace overlooking the city centre of Amsterdam. Details of brushed marble, silk carpets and parchment around the fireplace connect the wooden flooring to the history of the building. For the bedroom we created a custom-made capitone wall, all assembled and knotted on the spot. The interior creates an ambiance of unique materials, softness and sophistication. We fully renovated and decorated this house with unique and unusual materials and created a mix of styles that reflect the personality and spirit of the client. We use our knowledge of selecting furnishings and accessories to produce interiors with a timeless yet very unique feel. “Traveling from South-East Asia to the Middle east and closer to Europe, the feed of different cultures form the backbone of our projects.” Photography by Peter Baas Published previously by Residence magazine

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