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Lake Como house, Italy

The precise renovation of this unusual grand jewel on Lake Como took several years to fulfil. This summer lake house had to become a ‘light’ and ‘aerial’ interior that is strongly connected with the surroundings of the lake and the Italian heritage. The restaurantion work on the marble flooring with typical Venetian mosaic and the extensive fresco work on the walls and ceiling were part of the reconstruction. To get the maximum pleasure out of the property, we choose for airy materials and classic Italian color tones. The elegant combination between the exquisite light wooden furniture by Ceccotti, stainless steel lighting by Brand van Egmond and vibrant fabrics give the full house a little spice and uniqueness. Blending contemporary and traditional pieces, but never forget its origin; Italian heritage and the spectacular views on Lake Como. With this project, a lake house mansion, we tried to design a place where the residents feel highly comfortable. Turning spacious rooms into intimate and exciting areas. “Traveling from South-East Asia to the Middle east and closer to Europe, the feed of different cultures form the backbone of our projects.” Photography by Kasia Gatkowska Published previously by More Than Classic Magazine & Residence Magazine.

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